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Minecraft has officially licensed jackets

So, let’s go back to that hypothetical question about jackets and how you totally don’t need one, but let’s make it so you do need one. You’re in luck, reader! Minecraft has officially licensed jackets that are of super high quality and look both stylish and feel extremely comfortable!

Ever want to get your creep on, but you’re just not sure how? There are multiple types of hoodies that sport our favorite green mob, the Creeper! There’s the “Creeper Anatomy” zip-up hoodie which features what is imagined to be the insides of a Creeper as it’s inside design, the classic “Creeper Inside” design, and the “Retro Creeper” design. One of them even comes with a zip-up mask!

So, another hypothetical situation may be that you just don’t like the Creeper designs and you’re crazy. Don’t raise your Diamond Swords just yet, it’s a hypothetical! Anyways, so you don’t like the Creeper designs and you’d like to switch it out for something a little less green. The official Minecraft store has options for that, some of which are much more noticeable in a crowd and some of which that are not.

If you’re wanting to keep up with the mob look, there’s an option of dressing up like Minecraft’s favorite jungle cat, the Ocelot, and the screaming, teleporting mob, the Enderman. As to be expected, the Ocelot hoodie is bright and yellow and features the texture of an Ocelot (with its head design on the top of the hood), while the Enderman hoodie is less noticeable in a crowd, black, features eyes at the top of the hood, and has little purple “particles” on it. Each hoodie features a zipper and offers great comfortability.

The least obvious of all of the available hoodie designs is the “Diamond Premium Hoodie” which features a flat grey as the primary color featured as it’s base, with a ‘diamond blue’ color accenting the pockets and the top of the hood, from front to back. It’s less obvious designs allow for wearing more frequently and getting less looks, as the others are specifically catered to being loud and somewhat in your face with their chosen colors and designs.

The Minecraft hoodies range in sizes from “Extra Small” to “3XL”

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