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Hats, Beanies, and Scarves from minecraft

So, now that we’ve got your torso covered, let’s move back up to the neck and head! Get it? Shirt joke.

As the temperature drops, you’ll want to keep your entire body warm, and while we can’t suggest any Minecraft pants, we can suggest some hats and scarves! If you’re wanting a hat with a bill, J!NX offers two variants and designs, on of the snapback category and one in the flexfit. The snapback features the “Creeper Inside” design, and the flexfit features a green base and a Creeper face embroidered into the middle. Something noticeable about the flexfit hat is that musician and avid fan of Minecraft, Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) has been caught wearing this hat on multiple occasions!

If you’re not a fan of hats with bills, then you may prefer the “Creeper Face Beanie” design. With its stretchy material and very noticeable design, you will easily be able to grab the attention of fellow Minecraft fans and keep warm while doing so. The “Creeper Face Beanie” has a very bright color, which may or may not be entirely what you’re necessarily wanting. While there are no other beanie substitutes, if you’re absolutely wanting to represent the fact you’re in the Minecraft community with clothing on your body, it’s a definite purchase.

While you’re buying that beanie, you may want to purchase its partner in crime, the “Creeper Scarf”! The Creeper Scarf, much like the beanie, is made of what looks to be a similar material and is somewhat long. It’ll easily keep you warm with its wrap around your neck, and the best part of all is that it won’t explode!

Minecraft merchandise is a wonderful way to show off your love for gaming, art, and style all within a single article of clothing. If you are wanting to grab these items before the sale ends, you will need act as fast as you possibly can to be positive you will obtain exactly what you’re wanting. It’s yet to be confirmed if after this sale the items will be pulled down, regardless of if they’ve been sold or not. Whether you’re in the spirit of MINECON, wanting to keep warm, or just wanting to purchase these various outfits because they’re currently available for super cheap, your reasoning is completely valid and you should more than likely act upon it.

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