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Along with tshirts and other clothes, games are the ultimate way to enjoy the Minecraft world outside the computer. There are a lot of different Minecraft toys, ranging from the allready classic Minecraft Lego sets to cool foam Minecraft swords and cute plush toys of all your favourite characthers. Below we introduce you to some of the best, coolest, most original and funnest toys available for the ultimate Minecraft fan. Tag along!

minecraft lego

This Minecraft Lego set is one of my favorites. Apart from combining the greatest toy of all time, Lego, with the awesomness of Minecraft it features the Iron Golem, a Zombie, a baby pig and last but not least: Alex, wielding a diamond picaxe!

minecraft foam sword This official Minecraft foam sword from acclaimed nerd-equipper ThinkGeek is a must have for all Minecraft fans! Hang it on your wall or use it to battle your friends and foes on the playground. Made from hard foam the sword is hard enough to fence with, but not something that will cut your arm off. Perfect for some real life Minecraft fun! Just dont poeke people in the eye, thats not cool even if its just a foam sword!
minecraft polar bear The Minecraft Polar Bear - a squared pixelated plush polar bear! Cute, cuddly and fiercly square.
minecraft piper computer Learn how computers work and how to code with this awesome Minecraft Piper Computer! Computer skills are key to success in the modern workforce, give your kid a kick start whit this educational computer kit!
minecraft lego farm Another awesome Minecraft Lego set! Here you get to play with the farm, featuring torches, a waterfall, a crafting table and much much more! Steve, a cow, a sheep and a bow weilding skeleton are also included. Build your own Minecraft home in the real world, using the timeless and educational Lego bricks!