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Minecraft, originally created by Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson and released by Mojang (now owned by Microsoft) in 2011, is one of the most original and popular games in recent years. The game combines an open world experience with construction/creation and adventure. The game can be played in numerous modes, including survival, hardcore, multiplayer, adventure and creative. It also has a spectator mode and has spun off two spin-off games “Minecraft Story Mode” focusing on adventure and storytelling, and “Minecraft Education Edition” designed specifically to be used in educational settings. Due to its versatility both the original game and the education edition has been widely used by educators to teach a wide range of subjects. The game is available, in different versions, on a variety of different platforms, including PC, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Windows Phone. Minecraft has had a significant cultural impact and has been wildly popular on social media sites like Facebook and Reddit, as well as being the subject of a huge number of videos and channels on YouTube. The game has also been heavily referenced in popular culture, including TV-shows such as South Park which featured the game in an episode during its seventeenth season in 2013. A major Minecraft movie is in development at Warner Brothers with a planned release date of May 24th 2019. Mojang, the producers of the game, hosts MineCon an official Minecraft convention each year moving around the world from year to year (so far all but the 2015 edition has been held in the US). The 2016 edition sold out all of its 12.000 tickets within seconds of them going on sale. In addition, Minecraft has inspired a mass of merchandise, clothes (including t-shirts), games, books, magazines and even a series of Lego Minecraft sets. On this site, we bring you a curated selection of the coolest and most original Minecraft t-shirts

minecraft smile

Smile! Ready, set, Minecraft!

minecraft steve This is Steve. Say hi to Steve! Steve is an iconic Minecraft character and the main protagonist of the game.
minecraft desert Minecraft offers a range of different environments for you to play around in.
minecraft castle The game allows you to build pretty much whatever you want. From migthy castles...
minecraft ship to awesome ships!